Worship & Music Committee  

Monthly Meeting Notes

Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016


In Attendance:  S. Anderson/S. Moen/L. Willie/C. Wick/G. Schill/Pr. Mark


Ash Wednesday-  Feb. 10---Volunteer coordinators have been reminded to report their volunteers for assistant minister, lector, communion set up and communion servers.   Chris is double-checking that confirmation students will again share ushering duties each week but is asking Brian Neil to have 1 experienced usher on hand to help if needed.   Will use Setting 4.   Leta will mix up the ashes for distribution.  Will also have noon service this year.   Chris will announce it on Sunday.  Tell those who might be interested.  Sue Moen will play piano.  Will be held in Chapel. 


Mid-Week Lenten Services- Will use Holden Evening Service folders that we already have on hand.  An additional brief bulletin will be available that will be re-used each week.    Candles from Chapel will be used on the ledges near the lectern and pulpit.   Renee will find song leaders for the Holden service.   Practice for Holden will be 5:30 after song leaders finish their practice starting at 5 PM.  Likely will have leaders take turns.   Skits using adults and children will be done each week from “Frogs Without Legs” used in place of sermons. 


Passion Christ Picture- Sue Moen will put up on Feb. 7 after church or before Feb. 10. 


Eco palms- Have been ordered and will use the ˝ page insert in the bulletins that will explain who/how eco palms benefit.   If Karla can notify Chris when the palms arrive, she can be sure they are stored in a cool location till used.


Easter plants-  Discussed what not to use (hyacinths) and what we prefer (very colorful variety of plants in addition to lilies like used in St. Johns/Reedsburg).   Sue Moen will talk to Gary Bay and show him our ideas.   Sharon will give Karla the heads up about the insert usually put into the Easter bulletin listing who donated plants in memory of whom + charitable donations.  Sue will ask to have plants delivered on morning of Good Friday so they can be set up after the Good Friday service.   Chris will ask to use funeral home stands.   Chris will get adjusted forms to Karla for inserting in the Feb. 21/Feb. 28/Mar. 6 bulletins.


Easter coffee time-  Gary S. will check with Donna Menke and Renee Wenger about whether they have someone to serve coffee after the sunrise service and before the 10:30 service.  Perhaps some group would be willing to help with providing hospitality.


Passing the Torch-  Thanks to Donna Peterson for taking leadership for having folks deliver altar flowers each Sunday and for Easter.  It’s great to have that task taken off the Worship Committee workload.  Please tell Donna if you’re willing to help deliver on occasion.


Charitable donations-  Will offer these options in lieu of plants:  Project Love/Community Connections Free Clinic/Iowa Co Food Pantry/Milestone Ministries. 






LEAD Conference-  All encouraged to attend this year---Mar. 12 in Janesville.   If registered by Mar. 1 will save $5 off registration.    


Bold Women Sunday- Feb. 7  Will have guest pastor.  No other different things. 


Silence for Reflection-  It’s back!  Organists will play a minute of very quiet music to indicate service is still in place but there’s time to reflect on sermon.


Lutheran Social Services- Chris has asked to have someone from LSS speak sometime in March---either a temple talk or giving the sermon/message.


Overflow Room-  Why is it so popular for so many people to sit in the overflow room rather than worship in pews with the rest of the congregation??  No answer apparent.


Coloring station-  Nine 2 x 3 ft. coloring sheets have been ordered that parallel the narrative lectionary for lent.   There will be a table set up in the overflow room (Chris will move out some chairs to make room for it) for people of all ages to use.  Could be especially helpful for children to have a bit of a break from sitting during the service but still be aware of what is going on.  Will be used on Sundays and Wednesdays during Lent.  Someone is supposed to publicize it but don’t recall who said they would???


Frogs Without-  Pr Mark shared a bit about how the classes would work and how they tied into the Lenten theme.


Spill the Beans-  Pr Mark might start to incorporate some things into services and Chris has looked at them for ideas for children’s sermons but no other ideas shared by the group.



Next meeting:  Tuesday, Mar. 1, 2016