July Meeting Council Summary


Susan Glover, Cathy Bramlett, Kathy Greenheck


1) August GLYT meeting. Please be prepared with ideas to discuss:

         Goals for 2014/15


         Big calendar


2) "Youth and Adult Education Committee"

         Anne Baldwin called a meeting to discuss if Youth and Adult Education Committee is the best fit for the "Adult Education Committee". She invited Randy Weber, the Education Committee and me to represent the Youth and Adult Education Committee. We talked about possible options, 3 ideas were discussed at length:

1.       Leave "Adult Education Committee" within Youth and Adult Education Committee

2.       Move "Adult Education Committee" under the Education Committee

         The Education Committee does not want to take on the responsibility of another subcommittee at this time

3. Have "Youth Committee" and "Adult Education Committee" report to one person who represents both committees on council


Decided to leave "Adult Education Committee" within Youth and Adult Education Committee


3) Sub-committee reports:


Car Wash

         August, 24, 2014


Mission Trip

* Riverboaters Camp at Sugar Creek Bible Camp

         Youth had a good time

* Rise Up ELCA Youth Gathering

         $325 + $200 for lodging (3 people per room) + $150 food = $675 per person

GLYG will pay 50% for youth who meet our volunteer requirements (TBD)

GLYG will pay 100% for adult sponsors

We will need to add travel cost to amount

We are confident we will be able to beat some of the expenses suggested like food but agreed we should present the #'s the ELC is proposing to parents at least initially

         9/3rd Anne said we can invite them (confitmation parents) to come/stay if you need them to hear the scoop.


* Kathy is going to build a power point to show on the screens in the sanctuary

* Rally Sunday


* Hard copy mailing and emails, Grace notes & church bulletin

- Primary Adult Leader

         The Primary Leader is responsible for preparing and mailing registration payments to the Gathering lockbox, and sending rooming lists and deposits to their assigned accommodations on or after March 15, 2015

         Each congregation should designate one Primary Adult Leader, who will attend the Gathering and be responsible for coordinating registration for their congregation

         I will take on that role unless someone feels led to do so


4) Welcome Back Party


5) Book Drive -- Jodie, Cathy Bramlett, Kathy Greenheck & Susan

                                                                   Successful Trip

                                                                   Will present more information to the congregation in the fall



August meeting is Tuesday, August 12th