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 Grace Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Fund

The Foundation, believing that all gifts come from God, provides opportunities for God’s family to multiply their blessings; supporting religious, charitable and educational works, now and for generations to come. The Endowment Fund receives gifts, grants or bequests of money, property or securities.

Gifts to the Mission Endowment Fund are made for the continuing benefit of Grace Lutheran congregation. Income generated by the careful investment and management of this account is then used to support various programs and ministries of the congregation.

Some of the ministries that have benefited from gifts are:
 Grace Lutheran Youth Ministry
 Grace Lutheran Prayer Ministry
 Grace Lutheran Preschool Scholarships for low income families
 Building renovations such as new lighting and carpeting

Projects may be specified by the Donor at the time the gift is made or donations may go into the general endowment fund to serve future needs.

2017 Board Members

Sheri Johnson - Chair Advisory Members
Ron Goetzke - Vice Chair John Ziehr
Jon Huehne - Secretary
Harry Hellen - Treasurer

Julie Jewell
Kelly Hawkenson

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